10 Reasons To Move To Florida…….

April 22, 2015

Whether you’re from the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, Australasia or elsewhere, Click Florida Property is here to help you find the perfect property or holiday home in the “Sunshine State”.

We’ve spent years exploring Florida and working in real estate which means our team is in a great position to tell you exactly why it’s one of the great places on earth and how to go about move there.

John Pritchard, a property expert and Director at Click Florida Property, lives in the UK but visits his holiday home in St Augustine several times each year.

“Florida is a fabulous place to live or spend quality holiday time each year.

“I know that much of what Florida has to offer is well documented, such as the great weather and gorgeous beaches, but it has plenty more besides which make it so desirable.

“At Click Florida property we specialise in finding properties for people currently residing outside of the USA and once you give us a good idea of what your requirements are, we’ll set about searching for the ideal homes for you.

“But we are not a property search website, we are real experienced people who will hold your hand as tightly as you need us to for every step of process.”

John is a self-confessed devotee of Florida and can recommend some fabulous places to visit, eat and explore when you eventually touch down on American soil.

There are hundreds of reasons to lay down roots in the coastal state, but here are John’s top ten must-go motives.

1. The Climate – It’s not called “The Sunshine State” for nothing. Key West has the highest average annual temperature in the whole of the USA.
2. History & Culture – One of the less known facts about Florida is the vast array of historical places to visit, such as St Augustine, the oldest European settlement in the entire country.
3. Beaches – If you’re a fan of sandy shores and blue oceans then you’ll be spoilt for choice with Florida’s 663 miles of beaches.
4. Sport – Dubbed America’s ‘Home of Golf’ with more courses that any other state and stadia for 11 top-level teams from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS, sports buffs will be spoilt for choice.
5. Things to do – Writing home about your days out will leave friends back home bursting with envy. Among Florida’s top attractions include Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Seaworld Orlando, Kennedy Space Center and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!
6.Taxation and Property Protection – Florida doesn’t collect income tax or death tax and there is a range of financial benefits to be had from buying property there. Find out more from finance experts AboutMoney.com right here.
7. Food and Drink – Key West has more bars (per capita) than any other place in the USA and there are such a broad variety of restaurants that every gastronomical whim you’ve ever had will be fulfilled.
8. Famous Faces – Many people think that all celebs live in LA, they’re wrong! Many pop superstars, screen icons and sports legends have hailed from ‘The Sunshine State’. Jim Morrison, Gloria Estefan, Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, Enrique Iglasias…
9. Best of Both Worlds – Florida’s fantastic blend of urban and “great outdoors” landscapes and cultures make it easy to take a weekend away without ever leaving the state.
10. Wildlife – The sheer diversity of wildlife in the Everglades is something to behold. From the Great Blue Heron to the Wood Stork, the raccoon to the bob cat and the famous American Alligator, the experience at Everglades National Park will live with you forever.
At ClickFloridaProperty.com we’re here to make your move to Florida or investment in property so much easier.

For a relaxed chat about Florida, property and the experience of buying abroad you can call John on +44(0) 1277 352600 whenever you’re ready.

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