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Townhouses in Florida

A townhouse is multi-storey home located in a surburban area. Although some townhouses today are in multi-unit complexes, such a property always has its own entrance, unlike an apartment that is usually one level with shared access.

A townhouse owner becomes a member of the homeowner’s association – the managing entity of the development – upon purchasing the property and pays monthly fees to the association for repair and upkeep of common areas.
Owning a townhouse has its own distinct advantages.

The advantages:

  • Typically lower maintenance costs compared to single-family homes.
  • Peace of mind because of the close proximity between townhouse units, as well as the shared walls, offering a more secure neighborhood.
  • Townhouses are not usually ‘stacked’ meaning that residents live without neighbours above or below their home offering less chance of noise and greater privacy
  • Shared ownership and access to recreational facilities, such as gyms and swimming pools is available to owners within in a townhouse community
  • A townhouse is typically less expensive than a traditional family home in the same area
  • Unlike renting an apartment, a homeowner’s association may allow a townhouse owner to have an office or small business in the unit, saving investment on office leasing
  • Unlike with a condominium, the owner of a townhouse already buys the land on which their property resides


Obviously there are always pros and cons when moving to a new area or type of property and we are here to present you both sides of the coin.

The disadvantages:

  • The community maintenance arrangement helps ensure a uniform appearance among all townhouses within the neighbourhood, but some people may find this approach a restrictive e.g. townhouse associations often keep tight controls and restrictions on the development of outdoor fixtures
  • Because of the community-shared facilities, such as swimming pools and gyms, there is less privacy than when using similar amenities in single-family homes
  • There are typically much smaller lawn areas than in single-family homes and in some communities the association adopts a “common area” approach meaning townhouse dwellers have to share backyards with neighbours
  • Single-family homes typically offer space between the home and the closest neighbor, leading to ensured privacy. In a townhouse, however, the building’s shared walls could mean that neighbors hear your music, television or voices from social gatherings
  • Though the lower initial purchase price for a townhouse may result in a more affordable mortgage payment (compared to a single family home), the association fees may nullify these savings. Furthermore, homeowners who hope to profit from the property’s appreciation may be better of in a single-family property, as townhouses tend to appreciate at a slower rate

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